The areas of service include:


Civil Litigation:

The firm has earned a reputation for employing first world litigation techniques marked by a superior understanding of the civil procedure rules and skilled courtroom craft.


The firm is dedicated to the preparation and thorough research to ensure that its clients receive the best possible outcome. It has heralded hallmark decisions in national wage disputes as well as secured personal injury awards in non-traditional areas of loss.


Criminal Litigation:

Its attorneys combine exceptional skill and analysis with a thorough understanding of the country’s criminal justice system. We have a reputation of providing clients with outstanding representation at the criminal bar, to include Parish Courts, Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica and the Court of Appeals.

Commercial & Corporate Transactions:

Recognizing that timing is essential to success in business, the firm provides counseling as to due diligence, best practices and government regulations applicable to diverse areas in business, and offers litigation and alternative dispute resolution techniques to resolve disputes with efficiency and fairness.            


Copyright, Patents & Trademarks:

The firm provides counselling on the protection of intellectual property in diverse areas including sports, entertainment, art and literature in a global economy.   



Our team is skilled in protecting the right of individuals to their good reputation. We deal both with matters of slander and libel. The firm offers advice to individuals as to redress available to them especially in an exploding media environment.


Family Law:

We assist in resolving family disputes including divorce, custody and guardianship, the division of matrimonial property, maintenance, and care and protection of children and adults.                                                                               


Estate Planning and Administration & Contentious and Non-Contentious Probate:    



We help you to navigate through Estate Planning and Management, including Trust Creation, Guardianship, Declarations of Paternity, and protection of the Elderly and Minors.

We aid in the Administration of Estates, including Contentious and Non-Contentious Applications for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration.



Is Time important to you?

Seeking to purchase or sell commercial or residential property?

About to commence a subdivision?

Looking to regularize corporate filings before transfer?

Need to interface with multi-jurisdictional parties?


Townsend, Whyte & Porter provides you with the quality representation and service to ensure the timely advancement of your transaction.

We will negotiate and advocate for your interest and assist you to secure an advantageous sale/purchase transaction.  We service clients worldwide and have at our fingertips the third parties needed to complete your due diligence endeavours.


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Renewable Energy Legal Framework & Policy:


The firm is committed to “green energy” and specialises in the drafting of international agreements and accompanying negotiations.


Alternative Dispute Resolution:

The firm continues to represent clients at an array of internal tribunals as well as formal arbitrations and mediations locally and internationally.

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